How Do I Give A Surprise Gift? 9 Unique Ways To Give A Gift

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Giving a surprise gift is sure to make someone smile (or even shriek with joy)! No matter how old they are, gifts always bring happiness.

Giving a surprise is definitely a thrilling experience, even though it’s no simple task. All the planning, finding a spot to hide the gift, and concealing the surprise until the right moment requires a lot of work. The most difficult and essential element of this is keeping the surprise a secret, no matter how eager you may be to reveal it.

Think of the advice from giftOMG for creative methods of enhancing your gift-giving experience when coming up with fresh ideas.

How Do I Give A Surprise Gift?

What is the best way to present a gift as a surprise?

You have picked the perfect present for the special person and you are itching to observe their expression when they open it. Though you may be tempted to just give it to them, make the giving experience as unexpected and remarkable as the present itself.

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  • The Stranger

    If there is an upcoming special occasion, the recipient will likely anticipate a gift from you. Why not surprise them by having someone else bring it to them?

    Uncover a gifter that would surprise the receiver. A child, potentially your own, would be a great pick. However, if you want to be more creative, you could opt for a pet that is not scared of wearing a small parcel on its collar or a neighbor that could pretend to have gotten your package by mistake. Make the surprise enjoyable in any case!

    Fake-Out Packaging

    If you are notorious for picking out subpar presents, our second suggestion will be right up your alley. The key is to cultivate a sense of letdown. Utilize an empty box from something you are certain the recipient will be let down by – stationery, cleaning products, hardware accessories – and tuck your jewelry inside.

     Fake-Out Packaging

    When they anticipate something ordinary and predictable when they receive your present, they will be astonished. Continue to egg them on to explore further! You’ll soon observe their feeling of dissatisfaction become absolute joy.

    Puzzle Pieces

    Create a drawing or print one out. This illustration or photo can serve as a symbol of the present, a word, a suggestion as to where it is tucked away, or a riddle to figure out. Cut it up into 20 pieces like a jigsaw.

    The puzzle can be of any type and style you desire. The harder it is, the more thrilling it will be. If the recipient wants to receive the gift, they must strive to get it! If you’re feeling creative, you might decide to include some words or an image on the jigsaw and cut it for them.

    We advise against DIY-ing it, but the look will be more realistic if you do. If you’re going on a trip, you can employ a puzzle to reveal your destination.

    A Treasure Hunt

    A search for hidden treasure

    This technique takes a bit more effort, but it can also be a fun activity at a gathering. The recipient must locate the present by responding to questions or pursuing clues. You have the option to make the hunt for the surprise gift as time-consuming or brief as desired.

    You can opt for a few clues or embark on an extended quest around the house or local area. The hints could be related to the person or your relationship, or they could simply be fun and difficult.

    Naturally, the last hint will make known the whereabouts of the true present for him, so make it hard. Should the participant fail to hit upon the right response, you can furnish an extra clue. This will prevent the search for treasure from coming undone.

    Balloon Notes

    Create a message or card and divide it into pieces. Place each piece inside a balloon, blow it up, and tie it off. Present the entire collection of balloons as a bouquet. The person receiving the gift must pop all the balloons and put the pieces back together in the correct order to read the message. It’s also a great way to give cash as a present!

    The Unexpected Discovery

    An unforeseen finding

    Rather than handing over a present, why not try to surprise the recipient by hiding it somewhere they would least expect it? Place the gift, whether wrapped or not, in a spot they regularly visit but would not normally look. This will definitely leave them amazed when they come across it unexpectedly. Just make sure you don’t conceal it so well that it goes unnoticed, misplaced, or ruined.

    Drive Them To A Surprise Event

    Rather than the usual practice of hosting a surprise party in the recipient’s home, to make it even more unexpected, consider having it somewhere different.

    Act as if you don’t have any plans for the day. Ask a relative or a buddy to help you plan the gathering at their place. Let them grumble a bit before taking them to the GREATEST party around!

    A Surprise Picnic Party

    A Picnic Party That Was a Surprise

    Organize an extraordinary picnic in celebration of their special occasion. Invite their loved ones to come one by one with their own picnic baskets. The bigger the gathering, the greater the surprise! For a birthday celebration, have one of the participants to bring in a cake for an extra delightful surprise!

    Try Delivering Your Gift To Your Friend At Work

    The final solution to the query of “How do I give a surprise gift?” Is an excellent way to surprise someone on their birthday – instead of handing it over in person as is sometimes done, you can have the present delivered to their place of work by a courier.

    The recipients of the gift will feel very honored when they are presented with an eye-catching arrangement of flowers and a charming gift box from a coworker. A cheerful birthday card with kind sentiments can be included!

    Tips For Planning A Surprise Gift

    Advice On How To Plan A Surprise Present

    No matter how carefully you plan a surprise gift, there is still a chance that it will not be well-received.

    It is generally not recommended to prank someone with a present on their special day in an unfavorable fashion. For instance, the hilarious iPhone gift clip that is circulating the web – where someone is presented with an iPhone box as a gift, they open it with great joy only to find that it is not something as exhilarating as an iPhone – is a perfect example.

    Do not show too much enthusiasm too early on in regards to their special day. They may figure out the surprise. Reserve your joy until the actual day. Just be your usual self.

    Before purchasing a present for a friend, it is important to investigate their tastes. You should be familiar with their favorite hues, mementos, pastimes, literature, and so on in order to be certain they will be fond of the offering you give.

    What Should I Say When Giving A Surprise Gift?

    When it comes to presenting a gift, it is important not to remain silent. The words you use to accompany the gift will ensure that the recipient will remember it for a longer period of time. Please take a look at our advice!

    Tell Them Why You Chose That Specific Gift For Them

    If you put thought into the present you give, the recipient will appreciate it significantly more than if you just handed them the gift with no explanation. Let’s say you choose to give a spa set, for instance. If you explain why you chose it, for instance, by saying something like, “I saw that you’ve been feeling exhausted lately, so I thought this could be a way for you to relax and recharge,” the gift will be that much more meaningful.

    Be Honest About How You Are Feeling

    No longer do you need to look through birthday greeting templates in order to find the perfect and distinctive one. Genuine expressions that come straight from your heart are the most treasured. The person receiving your gift will certainly recognize the sentiments and feelings you have put into it.


    Delivering a gift to someone and seeing their response can be as enjoyable as receiving one. To make the present even more special, put thought into how you present it. Show them that you put effort into their present by adding a unique spin to it. To give the element of surprise, think of creative ways to hand over the gift.

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