Wait Its All Garfiell Always Has Been Shirt

wait its all garfiell always has been shirt 1
wait its all garfiell always has been shirt 1

Wait, It’s All Garfield? Always Has Been!

Unveiling the Humor Behind “Wait, It’s All Garfield?” Shirt

The “Wait, It’s All Garfield? Always Has Been!” shirt has taken the internet by storm, becoming a viral sensation among fans of humor, memes, and pop culture. This shirt encapsulates a playful and unexpected twist on the popular “Always Has Been” meme, featuring none other than the beloved orange tabby cat, Garfield.

Decoding the Meme Magic

The “Always Has Been” meme is recognized for its simplistic yet humorous format. It typically portrays two astronauts in space, with one astronaut discovering an unexpected truth about Earth. The punchline, “Wait, It’s All X? Always Has Been,” adds an element of surprise that tickles the funny bone of internet users. In the case of the “Wait, It’s All Garfield?” variation, the revelation that the Earth is entirely composed of Garfield comics adds an extra layer of absurdity and amusement. The meme capitalizes on the nostalgic recognition of Garfield while subverting expectations with its unconventional application.

A Meme-Turned-Fashion Statement

The “Wait, It’s All Garfield? Always Has Been!” shirt elevates the meme from the digital realm to the realm of fashion. By wearing this shirt, you bring a slice of internet humor into the real world, sparking conversations and laughter wherever you go. It’s not just a shirt; it’s a wearable meme that connects you with fellow internet enthusiasts.

Join the Meme Culture

Memes have become a language of their own, uniting people across the globe through shared humor and cultural references. The “Wait, It’s All Garfield?” shirt allows you to participate in this cultural phenomenon while paying homage to Garfield, a character that has left an indelible mark on pop culture.

A Blend of Nostalgia and Modern Humor

Garfield, created by cartoonist Jim Davis, has been a beloved comic strip character since the late 1970s. The “Wait, It’s All Garfield?” meme reimagines this iconic character in a way that resonates with both longtime fans and newcomers to the Garfield universe. It’s a delightful fusion of nostalgia and modern internet humor that bridges generational gaps.


The “Wait, It’s All Garfield? Always Has Been!” shirt is more than just a garment; it’s a conversation starter, a nod to internet culture, and a celebration of Garfield’s enduring popularity. By wearing this shirt, you showcase your appreciation for clever memes, humorous twists, and the ability of internet phenomena to bring people together through shared laughter. So, embrace the meme magic, don the shirt, and let the humor unfold!

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