FSU wide receiver Keon Coleman is warming up in a Peter Warrick T-Shirt today

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FSU Wide Receiver Keon Coleman in Peter Warrick T-Shirt

Continuing the Legacy: A Tribute to Peter Warrick

Today, the football world witnessed a touching tribute as FSU wide receiver Keon Coleman warmed up for the game while sporting a Peter Warrick T-shirt. This gesture goes beyond just a piece of clothing; it’s a homage to a legendary figure in Florida State football history.

The Significance of Peter Warrick

Peter Warrick is a name that resonates deeply with Florida State University and its football fanatics. He is not only remembered for his incredible skills on the field but also for the indelible mark he left on the Seminoles’ football legacy.

Warrick, a former FSU wide receiver himself, was known for his game-changing plays and remarkable athleticism. His contributions to the team were instrumental in the Seminoles’ victories and their championship pursuits.

A Touching Tribute

By wearing the Peter Warrick T-shirt, Keon Coleman pays tribute to a football icon who has undoubtedly influenced his journey. This gesture symbolizes the passing of the torch from one generation of FSU wide receivers to another, acknowledging the history and traditions of this prestigious football program.

Wearing the T-shirt is a show of respect and admiration for Warrick’s legacy and a way of expressing that his influence still reverberates within the program.

A Connection Beyond Generations

What’s remarkable is the connection between past and present. Keon Coleman, with his immense talent and dedication, is carving his own path at FSU. The fact that he chooses to honor Peter Warrick in this manner illustrates the enduring influence of Warrick’s time at Florida State.

It’s also a reminder that while time moves forward and new stars emerge, the history, traditions, and respect for those who came before remain an integral part of FSU’s football culture.


FSU wide receiver Keon Coleman’s choice to warm up in a Peter Warrick T-shirt is not just a fashion statement but a touching tribute to a football legend. It signifies the deep-rooted respect for the past and the continuation of a legacy that Peter Warrick represents at Florida State University.

Official Keon Coleman is warming up in a Peter Warrick T Shirt t shirt
Official Keon Coleman is warming up in a Peter Warrick T Shirt t shirt


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