Joe Biden leaves crowd cringing as he struggles to put on T-shirt in senile moment

Joe Biden attempts to put his T shirt on at a rally 5058799
Joe Biden attempts to put his T shirt on at a rally 5058799

In a recent appearance in Detroit, President Joe Biden left onlookers cringing as he encountered difficulties trying to put on a campaign T-shirt, marking another moment that some critics attribute to the president’s age.

During a speech in front of UAW autoworkers, the 82-year-old president received the T-shirt from a local union leader while discussing a new deal achieved by UAW negotiators. Biden praised the deal as “game changers” that set a “new standard” for blue-collar workers, expressing his desire for such contracts to benefit all autoworkers.

However, the attempt to put on the T-shirt became the focal point of online controversy, with numerous users on social media platforms, including X (formerly Twitter), sharing their comments on Biden’s apparent struggle. One user wrote, “Biden is not able to dress himself,” while another expressed concerns about his role in handling nuclear codes, stating, “What is scary is this man is in charge of nuclear codes.”

Despite the criticism, some users showed sympathy towards Biden, attributing his struggles to his advanced age. One supporter mentioned, “I hope I can make it to his age and be able to do that,” while another acknowledged the challenge, saying, “He’s got another shirt on. I wouldn’t have done much better.”

Biden’s appearance in Detroit coincided with his claim of personally speaking to Stellantis North America Chief Operating Officer Mark Stewart as part of the UAW pact. He stated, “I told my team, ‘Make Stellantis know Belvidere is a priority,’ so I got on the phone and let him know personally I thought it was a priority.”

The incident has added fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding Biden’s fitness for office, with critics questioning whether age-related concerns could impact his ability to carry out the responsibilities of the presidency.

Joe Biden Wearing Local 1268 Uaw Belvidere Il We Are Belvidere Shirt

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