MLB prospect rankings: Top 25 players entering 2024, with Jackson Holliday at No. 1, Evan Carter in top five

jackson holliday usatsi
jackson holliday usatsi
The MLB postseason has concluded, prompting teams to shift their focus to the free-agent and trade markets, as well as prospects who could make an impact next season. CBS Sports has compiled a list of the top 25 minor-league prospects, based on insights from scouts, analysts, and player development specialists. Here’s a breakdown of the top prospects:

1. Jackson Holliday, SS, Orioles (20 years old):Description: A lefty-swinging shortstop with superstar potential.
MLB ETA: Spring 2024
Notable Achievements: No. 1 pick in the 2022 draft, consistently exceeding expectations, impressive statistics in Triple-A at 19.

2. Junior Caminero, 3B, Rays (20 years old):Description: Possesses massive raw power with the glove to stay at third.
MLB ETA: Debuted in 2023
Notable: Acquired in a trade with the Guardians, fast bat with the ability to generate significant exit velocities.

3. Evan Carter, CF, Rangers (21 years old):Description: Uber-disciplined outfielder with a good feel for the barrel.
MLB ETA: Debuted in 2023
Notable: Relatively unknown draft pick in 2020, showcased excellent command over the strike zone and versatility in the outfield.

4. Wyatt Langford, OF, Rangers (22 years old):Description: The No. 4 pick already knocking on MLB’s door.
MLB ETA: Spring 2024
Notable: Ranked as the No. 2 player in the draft class, unconventional swing mechanics, impressive performance across four levels in the minor leagues.

5. Dylan Crews, OF, Nationals (22 years old):Description: The best prospect in the draft with well-rounded skills.
MLB ETA: Summer 2024
Notable: Considered the best player in the draft, slight dip in performance at Double-A, but still highly regarded.

6. James Wood, OF, Nationals (21 years old):Description: Towering outfielder with great patience and power.
MLB ETA: Summer 2024
Notable: Key player in the Juan Soto trade, massive raw power, but susceptible to strikeouts.

7. Jackson Chourio, CF, Brewers (20 years old):Description: Legit center fielder with big-time homer-steal potential.
MLB ETA: Summer 2024
Notable: Breakout star of the 2022 minor-league season, dynamic talent with a unique skill set.

8. Ethan Salas, C, Padres (17 years old):Description: Shockingly polished defender with offensive upside.
MLB ETA: Summer 2024
Notable: A teenager set to change the norm by catching at the big-league level, showcased offensive prowess in A-ball.

9. Walker Jenkins, OF, Twins (19 years old):Description: The best prep bat in the draft fitting the right-field blueprint.
MLB ETA: Late 2026
Notable: Offensive potential despite being part of a five-player draft class, expected to move to a corner outfield position.

10. Paul Skenes, RHP, Pirates (21 years old):Description: The No. 1 pick is a prototypical power pitcher.
MLB ETA: Summer 2024
Notable: Top pick in the draft, power arsenal, but some concerns about fastball effectiveness.

The list continues with more promising prospects, each with their unique strengths, weaknesses, and potential impacts on the MLB.

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