NFL Germany game: Colts vs. Patriots score, highlights, news, inactives and live updates


As the NFL season surpasses its halfway mark, New England Patriots fans find themselves grappling with a pressing question: How much worse can it get? With a 2-7 record, the Patriots persist in sending quarterback Mac Jones onto the field each week, despite growing doubts about his ability to turn the tide for the team. Head coach Bill Belichick, once synonymous with success, seems to have lost his golden touch, as his game plans and decisions consistently yield unfavorable results. This level of struggle for the Patriots is unprecedented in more than two decades.

While the upcoming matchup against the Indianapolis Colts presents a potential turning point, the Colts are not the pushovers one might expect. Despite facing challenges with quarterback Gardner Minshew stepping in for the injured first-round draft pick Anthony Richardson, the Colts displayed resilience by breaking a three-game losing streak against the Carolina Panthers last week, bringing their season record to 4-5.

Although the Patriots may not be as beleaguered as the Panthers, the gap is narrow. With the NFL’s international slate concluding with this crucial game in Frankfort, the question looms: Can the Patriots start climbing out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves, or will the Colts capitalize on facing a struggling team for the second consecutive week? The answer remains uncertain as both teams prepare for a pivotal matchup.

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