Travis Kelce, the fashionista: NFL star’s fame has spiraled with whirlwind Taylor Swift romance – but his VERY bold style has always been key to his flamboyant character

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Kelce’s popularity has grown since dating Swift and he continues to show his fashion arsenal

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was already a superstar in his own right long before his name became linked with Taylor Swift. However, since making his relationship with the 12-time Grammy-winning pop star public in September, Kelce has transcended his status as a two-time Super Bowl champion to become a leading contender for the title of the best tight end in football history.

Kelce’s football prowess on the field was already widely recognized, but his connection with Swift has brought him an influx of new fans from the singer’s devoted following. This surge in popularity was notably boosted this weekend as Kelce made appearances in Buenos Aires for the latest stops on Swift’s Eras Tour.

The intersection of Swift’s massive fanbase and Kelce’s presence on social media and NFL broadcasts has undoubtedly heightened the spotlight on the tight end. However, Kelce, who openly admits to spending three hours selecting his outfits, has consistently showcased a fashion sense as daring as his style of play on the football field.

“I have fun in fashion,” Kelce shared with Forbes in 2021. “I love to pick a different outfit every single day.”

As Kelce’s visibility continues to rise, both in the realms of sports and entertainment, his unique blend of athleticism and fashion-forward sensibilities is capturing the attention of a broader audience, solidifying his status as a multifaceted personality in the public eye.
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Before dating Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce was known for his football prowess and fashion taste
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