Watch: Dolly Parton Sings ‘Rocky Top’ At Neyland Stadium, Escorted Out By Peyton Manning

peyton manning dolly parton sings rocky top in neyland stadium for tennessee t shirt sweatshirt 1
peyton manning dolly parton sings rocky top in neyland stadium for tennessee t shirt sweatshirt 1

Fresh off the release of her latest album, “Rockstar,” featuring a captivating live rendition of the timeless hit ‘Rocky Top,’ the incomparable Dolly Parton took center stage at Neyland Stadium just one day later.

The country music icon joined forces with the Tennessee choir, delivering a mesmerizing performance following the first quarter of the thrilling Saturday matchup between the Volunteers and Georgia. Adding to the magic of the moment, legendary NFL quarterback Peyton Manning graciously escorted Parton to the stage, creating a perfect blend of musical and sports stardom.

This wasn’t the first time Dolly Parton graced the University of Tennessee with her presence. Having previously addressed the graduating class in 2009 and receiving an honorary degree, Parton’s connection to the Volunteers runs deep. Manning, himself a former Tennessee quarterback and an NFL Hall-of-Famer, took on the role of escorting the beloved country legend to the spotlight.

Reflecting on the experience with a touch of humor, Parton shared, “It was great, except I couldn’t hear because my sound went out and the stadium is so loud,” during a lighthearted interview with CBS.

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