Sports Columnist Calls Out “Liar” Aaron Rodgers for His Season Ending Achilles Injury

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New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers faced a significant setback when he suffered an Achilles tear in the season opener against the Buffalo Bills. Initially deemed a season-ending injury, Rodgers has defied expectations with a superhuman recovery. During a recent appearance on the ‘Pat McAfee Show,’ he hinted at the date for his comeback, and it’s sooner than anticipated.

In the candid conversation, Rodgers expressed his eagerness to return to practice as early as next month. Turning 40 on December 2nd, he aims to hit the practice field by December 6th. If successful, the four-time MVP could be back in action by Week 16, facing the Washington Commanders.

However, as news of Rodgers’ imminent return circulated, skeptics questioned the legitimacy of his injury. A sports columnist, Greg Doyel, raised doubts about Rodgers’ claims, considering the standard recovery time for an Achilles tear is typically 9–12 months. Rodgers reportedly underwent a specialized “Speed Bridge surgery,” accelerating his recovery.

Doyel, in a post on IndyStar, questioned the nature of Rodgers’ injury compared to high-profile cases like Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and Brandon Graham, which took longer to heal. He expressed skepticism, suggesting that if Rodgers had genuinely experienced such an injury, it would likely be celebrated as a groundbreaking treatment rather than kept under wraps. Doyel went as far as calling Rodgers a ‘liar,’ casting doubt on the quarterback’s statements regarding the injury.

In response to the skepticism, Rodgers acknowledged the uniqueness and complexity of his situation. Despite the early-season setback, he remained resolute in his determination to return to the gridiron. From the outset of the injury, Rodgers expressed a commitment to achieving something unprecedented and challenging within the league.

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