Pistons become 13th team in NBA history to go winless for an entire calendar month with 16th straight loss

In the unpredictable world of NBA basketball, even the struggling teams manage to secure a victory now and then. However, for the Detroit Pistons, November proved to be a daunting challenge as they joined the rare ranks of teams enduring an entire winless month. This unfortunate streak, spanning 16 consecutive losses, marks the 13th occurrence of its kind in NBA history.

The Pistons, who started the season with a promising 2-1 record, last tasted victory on October 28. The downward spiral commenced on October 30, and throughout November, they faced 15 defeats. Despite a competitive effort in their latest game against the Knicks, where they tied the score by halftime, the Pistons ultimately fell short, losing 118-112.

Coach Monty Williams expressed pride in the team’s competitive spirit, even though he dismissed the notion of moral victories. The Pistons, during their winless month, struggled defensively, ranking 26th in the NBA by allowing an average of 120 points per 100 possessions. Offensively, they ranked 27th, scoring just 107.9 points per game. With a net rating of minus-13.4 points per 100 possessions, only the Spurs fared worse in November.

The last team to endure a winless month was the 2014-15 Philadelphia 76ers, who remarkably went without a win in October, November, and April of that season. While the Pistons are not on track for such an extended streak, their immediate future appears challenging. Their upcoming schedule includes formidable Eastern Conference opponents like the Cavaliers, Magic, Pacers, 76ers (twice), and Bucks, with the potential for the losing streak to extend beyond 20 games.

The Pistons, initially harboring play-in aspirations, find themselves grappling with numerous challenges. The return of Bojan Bogdanovic, a much-needed shooter, may provide a boost, but improvement seems distant amidst their current struggles. As they navigate a demanding stretch of games, the Pistons will likely need time to turn the tide and regain their competitive edge.

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