Ex-NFL Player David Carr Ripped to Shreds for Saying the Eagles Should Bench Star QB Jalen Hurts: ‘THE Worst Sports Take Of All-Time’

Former NFL quarterback David Carr found himself in the eye of a social media storm on Tuesday night after suggesting that the Philadelphia Eagles should consider benching their star quarterback, Jalen Hurts. Carr’s bold statement came in the aftermath of the Eagles’ second loss of the season, a lopsided 42-19 defeat at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers.

Despite still holding the league’s best record, concerns have arisen among pundits about potential obstacles that could jeopardize the Eagles’ chances of a successful playoff run. One prominent issue is the health of Jalen Hurts, who has been grappling with a persistent knee injury throughout most of the season, adversely affecting his running efficiency compared to the previous season.

Appearing on NFL Total Access, Carr argued that the Eagles should consider resting Hurts and, controversially, claimed that Marcus Mariota, the backup quarterback, is superior at reading defenses. Carr stated, “Clearly, Jalen isn’t comfortable reading through a defense in a drop-back pass scenario. Some would say he’s not even good at it. I’d say [Mariota] would be more productive.”

This assertion triggered a swift and passionate response on Twitter, with numerous members of the media calling out Carr for his remarks. Criticism also surfaced, suggesting that Carr’s comments about Hurts’ ability to read defenses perpetuated a racist trope that has historically undermined the intelligence of black players in the quarterback position, a narrative that football analyst Shannon Sharpe has highlighted as a persistent issue plaguing the league throughout the 20th century.

As the debate over Carr’s comments continues to unfold, the Eagles and their supporters find themselves navigating not only the challenges on the field but also the controversies sparked by Carr’s outspoken opinion on the team’s quarterback situation.




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