In a recent turn of events, Golden State Warriors’ power forward, Draymond Green, finds himself in the spotlight yet again, facing an indefinite suspension from the NBA after being ejected for the third time this season. The suspension comes on the heels of an incident where the 33-year-old player struck Phoenix Suns’ Jusuf Nurkic in the face during Tuesday’s game.

Teammate and Golden State Warriors star, Steph Curry, has publicly urged Green to reconsider his behavior. Curry, speaking at a news conference, acknowledged that Green “can’t do what he’s been doing,” emphasizing that everyone is aware of the need for a change in the player’s conduct. Despite the recent controversies, Curry expressed his support for Green, asserting his confidence that the veteran player can overcome these challenges.

In the incident against the Phoenix Suns, Green’s actions led to his ejection, prompting an indefinite suspension. Subsequently, Green issued an apology for his behavior. However, this is not the first time Green has found himself in hot water this season. On November 11, he was ejected from a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers for incurring two technical fouls. Shortly thereafter, Green faced a five-game suspension for putting Minnesota Timberwolves’ Rudy Gobert in a headlock.

The concern extends beyond the basketball court for Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who sees this as an opportunity for Green to make a significant change in his approach and life. Kerr emphasized that this is not a simple task and requires considerable effort.

Curry echoed the sentiment, noting that the situation goes beyond basketball and is about helping Draymond Green. He expressed a belief that this suspension serves as a chance for Green to step away, reflect, and make the necessary adjustments. Curry emphasized the importance of ensuring that everyone is in the right mental and physical state to perform, emphasizing the individual journey that each player faces.

As Green navigates this suspension and reflects on his actions, the Golden State Warriors organization and its players are hoping for a positive transformation in both his behavior and approach to the game. Only time will tell if Draymond Green can successfully overcome this challenging period and return to the court with a renewed perspective.

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