NFL lays out biggest push on Christmas Day with three games scheduled

nfl christmas
nfl christmas

According to Andrew Beaton of the WALL STREET JOURNAL, the NFL, which historically avoided scheduling games on December 25, is now making a significant push to establish a presence on Christmas Day. This year marks the league’s “most aggressive blitz to date,” with three games scheduled when the holiday falls on a Monday.

For the first time, the NFL has games lined up for Christmas Day, including matchups between the Chiefs and the Raiders, the Giants and the Eagles, and the Ravens versus the Niners. This move represents the fourth consecutive year that the NFL has scheduled games on Christmas, following last year’s three-game lineup, a first in the league’s history.

Andrew Beaton notes that this year’s three-game Christmas bonanza comes after the NFL’s first Black Friday game in November, reflecting the league’s strategy to capitalize on standalone windows during special occasions. The NFL, citing last year’s Christmas games, reported an average of about 22 million viewers.

Despite the recent expansion, Beaton suggests that fans should not expect NFL games every Christmas. Unlike the NBA, which regularly schedules games on Christmas Day, the NFL is more selective in its approach. NFL EVP/Media Distribution Hans Schroeder mentioned that the league won’t schedule games when the holiday falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday, as is the case next year.

Martin Rogers of highlighted the historical avoidance of the NFL calendar around Christmas during the 1970s and 1980s. He mentioned that the NFL was willing to make scheduling adjustments, such as stacked Saturdays or massed Mondays, to avoid Christmas games. However, Rogers emphasized that the NFL is now challenging the NBA’s dominance on Christmas Day by expanding its presence during the late-season stage when playoff positioning is at stake.

Rogers concluded by stating that it’s challenging to argue against the idea of Christmas football, considering the heightened excitement and significance of late-season games. The NFL’s recent move to include Christmas Day games signifies a departure from its previous avoidance and a recognition of the appeal and viewership potential during this festive time.

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