Could a Travis Kelce MOVIE be in the works? Chiefs star’s managers ‘have shared film scripts’ about the NFL star’s meteoric rise from University of Cincinnati to two-time Super Bowl winner (and Taylor Swift’s boyfriend!)

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Travis Kelce, the 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight end, is on a trajectory toward global stardom, and his managers have an ambitious plan to elevate his profile even further, according to The New York Times. Despite approaching the twilight of his football career, Kelce’s foray into the entertainment world could potentially include a film about the two-time Super Bowl winner and his relationship with pop sensation Taylor Swift.

The driving force behind Kelce’s off-field ventures is his business management team, the brothers Andree and Aaron Eanes, who envision expanding Kelce’s influence beyond the realm of football. The New York Times reports that film scripts are being circulated, and there are considerations for game show opportunities.

Having signed with the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in May, Kelce had already established a significant off-field presence even before publicly confirming his relationship with Taylor Swift in September. Kelce, along with his brother Jason, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, gained attention during the Super Bowl as they faced off on opposing teams.

In addition to their on-field endeavors, the Kelce brothers co-host the New Heights podcast, delving into discussions about the NFL and their lives outside of the sport. The podcast has gained popularity, and the brothers have expressed interest in doing live shows overseas, particularly in Britain and Australia, where they discovered they have the top-selling NFL jerseys.

Travis Kelce’s off-field pursuits extend to acting, evident in his appearances in commercials for brands like Pfizer and Campbell’s soup. The Wall Street Journal reported that by mid-December, Kelce had featured in an impressive 375 commercials related to NFL games.

Notably, Kelce’s association with Taylor Swift has significantly boosted his public profile. The couple reportedly plans to travel together in Europe during Swift’s Eras Tour next summer, with Kelce arranging trips to Italian vineyards and reservations at top European restaurants for their downtime between tour dates.

While Kelce remains focused on football, as the Chiefs conclude the regular season against the Chargers before heading into the playoffs, he has openly discussed contemplating retirement due to the physical toll of the game. However, with another impressive season on the horizon, it seems Kelce’s journey into global stardom may continue for a while, even as he increasingly explores opportunities beyond the football field.

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