Isiah Thomas experiences alleged “incompetence” while travelling

The enduring legacy of Detroit Pistons’ star, Isiah Thomas, as a formidable opponent to Michael Jordan persists even three decades after his retirement. While he has transitioned into a basketball analyst role for NBA TV, a recent incident has highlighted that even sports celebrities are not exempt from travel mishaps.

Taking to his official X (formerly Twitter) account, Thomas shared his frustrations with his 214,300 followers, recounting an unpleasant experience while attempting to board his scheduled Delta Flight from Westchester County Airport. In his tweet, Thomas expressed disappointment, citing a “level of incompetence and disrespect” he encountered while boarding. He directly addressed Delta, a company with a $25 billion valuation, accusing them of preventing him from boarding a flight for which he had a “paid ticket and seat assignment.” The NBA legend also disclosed that due to missing his flight, he would be unable to fulfill his commitment to appear on one of the first NBA TV shows in the new year, leaving disappointed fans who were eager to catch a glimpse of Zeke.

Isiah’s tweet garnered swift reactions from fans, who responded with a plethora of Michael Jordan memes. When an inquiring follower asked if Thomas had arrived at the boarding gate on time, he clarified that he had been present at least two hours before take-off. Additionally, he had utilized the time to take photographs and sign autographs for flight agents.

The tweet soon went viral, prompting a response from Delta through their social media handle. Delta expressed regret over Thomas’s experience and assured that they would investigate the matter. Despite the less-than-ideal start to 2024, Isiah Thomas’s travel ordeal became a memorable incident, demonstrating that even basketball legends can face travel inconveniences.

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