🏀 The NBA’s points explosion


NBA scoreboard operators had an exceptional night on Wednesday as five teams achieved a historic feat, scoring at least 140 points each on the same day.

The results were as follows: Jazz 154, Pistons 148 (OT)
Pacers 142, Bucks 130
Hawks 141, Thunder 138
Cavaliers 140, Wizards 101

In addition to these high-scoring games, three more teams came clreachedose to the 140-point mark. The Kings narrowly defeated the Magic 138-135 in double overtime, while the Clippers secured a victory against the Suns with a score of 131-122.

Zooming out to the broader picture, NBA teams are currently averaging 115.5 points per game this season, marking the highest scoring average since the 1969-70 campaign when it was 116.7 points per game.

This increase in scoring can be attributed to both pace and efficiency. Teams are attempting an average of 89.3 field goals per game, the highest since 1982-83 (89.7). Moreover, the league-wide effective field goal percentage is currently at 54.5%, tying with the record set last season for the best mark ever.

The offensive proficiency extends beyond field goals, with teams making an average of 12.8 three-pointers per game, a record high. Additionally, the collective free throw shooting percentage stands at 78.6%, marking the highest in NBA history. The combination of increased pace, remarkable efficiency, and historic shooting percentages has contributed to an exciting and high-scoring NBA season.

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