REVEALED: Three NBA clubs rank among the world’s four most valuable sports teams with the struggling Chicago Bears ahead of Manchester United – and the Super Bowl-champion Chiefs in 33rd… so who sits at No. 1?


Sportico’s annual compilation of the world’s most valuable teams has brought some unexpected revelations. Notably, the Chicago Bears, an underperforming NFL team, surprisingly secured the 12th spot, while the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, found themselves languishing at the 33rd position.

However, a constant in these valuations is the enduring dominance of the Dallas Cowboys atop the economic hierarchy of sports. Acquired by Jerry Jones for $140 million in 1989, the Cowboys consistently claim the highest rank in both Sportico and Forbes’ annual assessments. Although specific figures were not provided in Sportico’s recently released top-100 list, the website previously valued the Cowboys at an impressive $9.2 billion in August.

Forbes’ September estimate further underscored the Cowboys’ financial prowess, indicating an 80% surge in value over the past five years. This remarkable growth is attributed to a lucrative NFL media deal, potentially reaching $126 billion for the league by 2033, and the ownership of AT&T Stadium, a revenue-generating behemoth with a seating capacity of 80,000.

In the non-NFL category, the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks, and Los Angeles Lakers secured the second, third, and fourth positions, respectively. The New York Yankees of Major League Baseball claimed the fifth spot, bolstered by their acquisition of Juan Soto. Interestingly, the Premier League teams failed to crack the top 10, with Manchester United (13), Real Madrid (19), Barcelona (23), and Liverpool (29) being the only soccer representatives in the top 30.

The list reveals a noteworthy trend emphasizing the economic impact of modern stadiums or arenas on a team’s valuation. This is evident in the Las Vegas Raiders (15) outpacing the Kansas City Chiefs (33), mainly due to the advantage provided by the four-year-old Allegiant Stadium, home to Super Bowl LVIII. Kansas City is currently looking to renovate Arrowhead Stadium to boost revenue.

Formula One teams, including Ferrari (71) and Mercedes (81), secured positions in the top 100, along with Red Bull at 88. Notable soccer teams featured include Bayern Munich (34), Manchester City (35), Arsenal (57), Paris Saint-Germain (60), Tottenham (70), and Juventus (98).

Surprisingly, no Major League Soccer (MLS) teams made it to Sportico’s top-100 list, and only a handful of National Hockey League (NHL) clubs qualified, including the Toronto Maple Leafs (82), New York Rangers (85), Chicago Blackhawks (94), Boston Bruins (97), and Philadelphia Flyers (100).

An intriguing observation from the Sportico rankings is that winning championships does not guarantee a higher position. Defending champions such as the Kansas City Chiefs (33), along with the Denver Nuggets (61), Texas Rangers (92), and the unranked Vegas Golden Knights, all fall outside the top 30.

Contrastingly, teams with less successful on-field performances, like the Washington Commanders (11), New York Giants (5), and New England Patriots (8), continue to be among the world’s most valuable teams. Notably, 12 of the top 20 teams belong to the NFL, reflecting the league’s recent record-breaking Super Bowl viewership of 123.7 million.

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