St. Patrick Church in Hubbard gearing up to reopen St. Patrick’s Day

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25772100 G

After more than three years of closure following a devastating fire, Father Michael Swierz has announced that Saint Patrick Church in Hubbard is on the verge of reopening to parishioners. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, as Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner.

Previously grappling with challenges such as shipping delays for handrails and brackets, as well as damaged doors, the church has successfully addressed these issues, as reported by 21 News. Father Swierz assures the community that all these obstacles have been overcome.

A recent Facebook post from the church reveals that the organ has been repaired, marking another positive step towards the full reopening. However, there are still some pending tasks, including the installation of glass for the handrails, fixing the elevator, and conducting a final inspection of the church.

Despite these remaining tasks, Father Swierz is optimistic that Saint Patrick Church will be ready to reopen on Saint Patrick’s Day. He expresses his joy at being back and conveys the excitement shared by parishioners, not only for the return of masses but also for other events that will soon take place in the church hall.

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