Bald Shaquille O’Neal Sports Bizarre ‘Hairstyle’ as TNT’s Kenny Smith Inspires 51st Birthday Wish


Shaquille O’Neal, renowned for his sense of humor and playful antics, recently added another amusing chapter to his repertoire. The former 4-time NBA champion, known for his practical jokes during his basketball career, turned the tables on himself this time. Making an appearance on TNT GAME BREAK, Shaq sported a distinctive hairstyle that caught everyone’s attention.

In a lighthearted twist, the ex-LA Lakers star drew a hairline on his otherwise bald head, leaving his co-hosts in fits of laughter. When questioned about the unconventional choice, Shaq explained, “My inspiration… Kenny the J Smith… That’s all I wanted for my birthday, was a little fade.” Candace Parker, one of the co-hosts, couldn’t resist a playful jab, sarcastically referring to it as “tight.”

Despite attempts to steer the show back on track, the hosts, including Adam Lefkoe, couldn’t help but express their amusement at Shaq’s artificial hairline. Shaq himself joined in the banter, stating, “This is all I want for my birthday… right here… Get my hair back. Get my hairline.” Even an audience member, using the handle ‘X,’ chimed in with a humorous remark during the show, saying, “I have never seen a hairless line

This incident is not the first time Shaq has engaged in such comedic endeavors. Another amusing moment unfolded when Jamal Crawford attempted to erase the drawn hairline off Shaq’s head, creating a brief moment of concern for the ex-Lakers star. However, history shows that Shaq has a track record of experimenting with his hairstyle for laughs.

Recalling his previous hairstyle experiments, in February, the 5-time NBA champ appeared on NBA on TNT with an ’emo’ hairstyle, reportedly the result of losing a bet. In 2023, Shaq fulfilled a bet by appearing on the show with baby hair curls attached to his forehead after losing a wager to Candace Parker about Joel Embiid’s scoring performance. Similarly, in 2020, Shaquille O’Neal sported an embarrassing haircut as a result of losing a bet to Dwyane Wade. Despite lacking a natural head of hair, Shaq’s willingness to experiment with his hairstyles has consistently brought laughter to fans and viewers alike.

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