2024 NFL Scouting Combine was viewed by over 5M viewers on NFL Network

Witnessing the evaluation of robust athletes as they navigate an indoor field has proven to be a major attraction, as evident in the substantial viewership garnered by the NFL Scouting Combine. According to a league statement, the event drew a considerable audience, both on television and online, with the four live windows of the Scouting Combine collectively amassing an “unduplicated audience of over five million viewers” for the NFL Network.

The NFL Network’s recent four live NFL Combine windows (spanning Thursday through Sunday) experienced an impressive 11% surge compared to the previous year. Sports Business Journal notes that the four live windows averaged 244,000 viewers, a noticeable increase from the 219,000 recorded in 2023. It’s noteworthy that the figures from 2022 and 2021 included ABC or ESPN windows in the total viewership calculations.

The standout session was the Saturday afternoon slot, boasting quarterbacks, wide receivers, and running backs, attracting a significant viewership of 390,000. As the saying goes, “Offense sells tickets,” and this surge represents a considerable improvement from the 2023 numbers, which reached 329,000. It’s essential to consider the caveat, though, as the 2023 edition featured tight ends running drills during that session instead of running backs. Running backs, being the second most high-profile and glamorous position, only trailing quarterbacks, added to the allure of this particular session.

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