Trump ‘will not give a penny to Ukraine’ if he wins, Hungary’s Viktor Orban says

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated that if Donald Trump is re-elected as the U.S. president, he “will not give a penny” to Ukraine in the ongoing conflict with Russia. Orbán, a far-right leader, shared details of a controversial meeting with Trump in Florida, emphasizing Trump’s purported plan to end the Ukraine war.

Orbán, in an interview with Hungarian state media, asserted that without financial and military aid from the U.S., the war in Ukraine would come to an end, citing Ukraine’s inability to sustain itself independently. He lauded Trump as a “man of peace” and claimed that the former president had a comprehensive strategy to conclude the conflict, which commenced two years ago with Russia’s invasion.

Despite facing legal challenges and controversies, Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for the upcoming elections. Orbán, known for his alignment with Trump, praised the former president’s global influence and credited him with fostering peace in the Middle East and Ukraine during his term.

Orbán and Trump recently met in Palm Beach, Florida, where they discussed their shared vision for global leadership. Trump reciprocated Orbán’s admiration, describing him as a “fantastic” and “non-controversial figure.”

In response to Trump’s meeting with Orbán, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden condemned the Hungarian prime minister, who has expressed skepticism about democracy, hinting at a preference for dictatorship. Biden labeled Trump’s meeting as concerning, suggesting that Orbán’s views on democracy align with Trump’s alleged aspiration to become a dictator if re-elected.

Former advisers to Trump have indicated his inclination towards authoritarian leadership. CNN national security analyst Jim Sciutto reported insights from John Bolton, Trump’s third national security adviser, who stated that Trump sees himself as a powerful figure who enjoys dealing with other authoritative leaders capable of exerting unilateral power.

As the U.S. and its allies continue to grapple with providing support to Ukraine, the controversial meeting between Trump and Orbán adds another layer of complexity to the geopolitical landscape. The outcome of the upcoming U.S. election may play a significant role in shaping the dynamics of international relations, particularly concerning the conflict in Ukraine.

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