Here’s PFF’s grade for the Steelers so far in 2024 NFL free agency


In the NFL, the letter “C” doesn’t signify “degree” but rather stands for “controversy” when it comes to grading players and teams. Among the plethora of acronym-laden platforms, Pro Football Focus (PFF) stands out as one of the most popular, albeit controversial, grading systems in the NFL. Their recent assessment of each team’s free agency moves has sparked discussion, as the majority of spending in the NFL’s free agency season typically occurs within the first two weeks.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have emerged slightly above the perceived “average” mark, earning a commendable B+ grade for their maneuvers in free agency, including both acquisitions and departures.

A focal point of their analysis is the signing of linebacker Patrick Queen. PFF predicts Queen to follow a trajectory similar to Tremaine Edmunds, projecting a breakout performance in his fourth year, especially considering his strong showing in the latter half of 2022. Despite Queen’s departure from the Ravens, the Steelers managed to secure him with a contract that aligns with other upper mid-tier linebacker deals signed during the offseason, rather than reaching the top of the market.

Queen’s arrival comes with a three-year, $41 million deal, marking a significant move for the Steelers, given his promising career start with the Ravens. Although the Ravens opted not to exercise Queen’s fifth-year option and instead made moves to acquire Roquan Smith from the Chicago Bears, Queen’s value to the Steelers remains high.

In addition to Queen, the Steelers made headlines with the signing of quarterback Russell Wilson, who agreed to a deal at the league minimum salary. This move presents exceptional value for the Steelers, considering the caliber of Wilson’s talent, despite not factoring in the $38 million owed to him by the Denver Broncos following his release.

Another notable acquisition is quarterback Justin Fields, which reshapes the Steelers’ quarterback room significantly, with notable departures including Mitch Trubisky, Mason Rudolph, and Kenny Pickett.

The Steelers also engaged in roster adjustments by trading Diontae Jackson to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for cornerback Donte Jackson and signing punter Cameron Johnston to replace Pressly Harvin III, who was released.

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