Rajon Rondo Declares Whether He’s Officially Retired From the NBA

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Former NBA point guard Rajon Rondo has declared his retirement from the NBA, as revealed this week. Rondo, absent from the NBA scene since his stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2022, confirmed his retirement during the latest episode of the All the Smoke podcast.

“I’m calling it quits,” Rondo stated when questioned about his NBA career status. “I prioritize spending time with my children.”

Rondo leaves a lasting legacy as one of the premier passers in NBA history, concluding his illustrious career ranked 15th all-time in assists with a total of 7,584 career dimes. Over the span of 16 seasons, he notably contributed to the 2008 NBA champion Boston Celtics and the 2020 Los Angeles Lakers, where he played alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis during their championship victory.

In addition to his two championship rings, Rondo earned recognition with four All-Star Game appearances and secured a spot on the All-Defensive team four times. Furthermore, he led the NBA in assists on three separate occasions.

Reflecting on his career, Rondo expressed gratitude, stating, “What an incredible journey it has been. I never once took my time in the game for granted. Every moment was cherished.”

Rajon Rondo’s retirement marks the end of an era for one of the NBA’s most revered point guards, leaving behind a legacy of skill, leadership, and unforgettable contributions to the sport.


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