Week 11 NFL players to watch: The ‘Madden’ curse is alive and well


In the spotlight of Sunday’s post-game analysis is the burgeoning connection between Titans’ rising star Will Levis and wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Selected as the No. 33 overall pick in 2023, Levis has swiftly asserted himself as a promising candidate for the Titans’ next franchise quarterback. Since taking on the starting role in Week 8, the rookie has demonstrated his potential by amassing 699 passing yards, four touchdowns, and two interceptions.

However, it’s the remarkable chemistry between Levis and Hopkins that has truly captured attention. The duo has connected 11 times, resulting in an impressive 215 yards and three touchdowns. As the Titans gear up to face the Jaguars this week, optimism is high that their connection will continue to flourish. The Jaguars’ defense, currently yielding the third-highest passing yards per game (266.8), presents a prime opportunity for Levis and Hopkins to showcase their growing synergy.

In contrast, Sunday’s post-game analysis also delves into the challenges faced by Josh Allen, the featured athlete on this year’s “Madden 24” cover. Despite his Madden cover status, Allen finds himself leading the league in turnovers with a total of 11 interceptions and three fumbles. This unfortunate trend has contributed to the Bills’ recent struggles, with back-to-back losses weighing them down.

The upcoming rematch against the Jets doesn’t bode well for Allen either. In their initial clash in Week 1, the Jets’ defense wreaked havoc with five sacks, three interceptions, and one forced fumble, ultimately securing a 22-16 victory over Buffalo. The Jets are poised to capitalize on this momentum and potentially validate the infamous “Madden curse,” a superstition that suggests misfortune befalls those featured on the game’s cover.

As the Titans and Bills navigate crucial matchups, the outcomes promise to have a lasting impact on the trajectory of their respective seasons.

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