Dave Portnoy Still Upset Over NFL Ban as He Questions Speedy Arrest at NFL HQ’s 2015 Protest


Dave Portnoy, the outspoken owner of Barstool Sports, is no stranger to controversy. Known for his unfiltered opinions on various subjects, he has often made headlines for his candid perspectives. One recurring target of his criticism has been NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, particularly in the aftermath of the ‘Deflategate’ scandal in 2015.

During this scandal, which led to the suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Portnoy and some colleagues from Barstool Sports staged a protest outside the NFL headquarters in New York City. The swift arrest of the group resulted in Portnoy’s subsequent ban from all things NFL. The incident left a lasting impact on Portnoy, who expressed his dismay on social media.

In a recent incident at Harvard University, Portnoy drew attention to what he perceived as a double standard. He compared his own experience of being arrested for protesting at the NFL headquarters to the lack of legal consequences for pro-Palestine students who occupied University Hall at Harvard. Portnoy, a fervent Patriots fan, voiced his frustration at the disparate treatment he and the Harvard students received.

Taking to his social media handle, Portnoy responded to a video shared by Steve McGuire, showcasing the pro-Palestine students who staged a sit-in at Harvard. Portnoy questioned why he faced immediate arrest for his protest while the Harvard students seemingly faced no such consequences.

The Harvard sit-in lasted just over 24 hours, during which the students presented several demands to the university administration. These demands included a conversation with University President Claudine Gay, immunity from disciplinary action, and a written response to their primary requests. The key demands focused on urging Harvard to call for a ceasefire in Gaza, provide greater administrative support for pro-Palestine student organizers, and stop equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism.

Notably, Dave Portnoy has taken a unique stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict, deviating from the expected pro-Israel position due to his Jewish background. Instead, he emphasized a humanitarian perspective, urging solidarity with all those affected by the conflict, irrespective of race, religion, or creed. Portnoy’s social media post on this matter featured an image of the flags of Israel and Palestine being waved by different individuals.

As the Israel-Hamas conflict unfolds, Portnoy’s outspoken stance adds a distinctive voice to the discourse. The ongoing crisis raises questions about potential resolutions, with Israel expressing its intent to eliminate Hamas. The future remains uncertain, and only time will reveal whether a swift resolution or a middle ground can be found in this complex and contentious situation.



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