Hubie Brown talks coaching Knicks with Rick Pitino, broadcasting NBA games at 90


In a recent interview, legendary NBA coach Hubie Brown shared insights into his extensive career, coaching influences, and the joys of staying active at the age of 90.

Brown expressed admiration for baseball figures such as Alex Anthopoulos, the general manager of the Atlanta Braves, and Kevin Cash, manager of the Tampa Bay Rays. He highlighted Cash’s ability to compete with limited resources against powerhouse teams like the Yankees and the Red Sox. Brown also praised Al Arbour and Lou Lamoriello, key figures in the New York Islanders’ four-championship run, as well as football coaches Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells.

When asked about his all-time NBA team, Brown acknowledged the difficulty of forming one due to rule changes that have transformed the game over the years.

Reflecting on his 2005 Hall of Fame induction, Brown emphasized that such recognition is a collective achievement. He credited the entire team involved in television broadcasts, noting that success is a collaborative effort both on and off the screen.

Brown, who continues to actively participate in television broadcasts at the age of 90, dismissed the idea that life slows down with age. He humorously remarked, “You don’t think you’re 90 if you have things to do,” emphasizing the importance of staying engaged and looking forward to new challenges.

When asked about his proudest career moments, Brown expressed gratitude for the opportunities that unfolded over his 52-year career, spanning both the NBA and the ABA. He highlighted the importance of being remembered as a teacher first and a coach second, especially at the high school level. Brown conveyed his appreciation for those who opened doors for him throughout his career, emphasizing that age has only deepened his gratitude.

As he continues to work with ESPN and ABC, Brown sees each opportunity to contribute to the game as a testament to his enduring passion and the continued support from the broadcasting networks.

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