NFL head coach hot seat tracker: Latest intel on Patriots and Bill Belichick, plus other notable situations

bill belichick
bill belichick
As the NFL regular season concludes, the coaching carousel is set in motion with six to eight anticipated head coaching openings, along with potential changes in general manager positions. Here’s a closer look at some teams and the directions they may take in the coming weeks:

New England Patriots: Bill Belichick’s future remains uncertain as he and Patriots owner Robert Kraft have yet to discuss it. Speculation suggests a mutual parting, but the timeline remains unclear. Internal candidate Jerod Mayo could be in contention for the head coaching position, but the Krafts have never hired a GM in their three decades in New England.

Los Angeles Chargers: The Chargers, led by John Spanos, are expected to conduct an expansive search for both head coach and GM positions. The head coaching job may be more attractive in the short-term due to potential salary-cap cuts, and sources indicate a broader search for this role.

Las Vegas Raiders: With Antonio Pierce as interim head coach, the Raiders have seen success, but decisions on their permanent roles will depend on the full interview process. The connection between Jim Harbaugh and Las Vegas, facilitated by Tom Brady’s agent, adds an intriguing element to the coaching search.

Chicago Bears: Matt Eberflus’s fortunes with the Bears have turned around in recent weeks, with the team’s improved performance. A win against the Packers in Week 18 could solidify his position as head coach in 2024.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Todd Bowles’ status hinges on the Buccaneers’ performance in the final weeks. A playoff trip would likely secure his return, but fumbling win-and-in opportunities could put pressure on his position.

New Orleans Saints: Dennis Allen is expected to return for the 2024 season, given the defense’s consistent performance. However, changes in offensive coordinator roles could be in the cards for the Saints.

Atlanta Falcons: Arthur Smith’s tenure with the Falcons appears secure, with owner Arthur Blank expressing commitment, though results in Week 18 could influence Smith’s chances of a fourth year.

Washington Commanders: Speculation suggests a potential departure for head coach Ron Rivera, with the Commanders undergoing a challenging season. The future front-office structure and GM position could also be subject to changes, impacting the organization significantly.

Carolina Panthers: Owner David Tepper is expected to pursue Lions OC Ben Johnson for the head coaching role, focusing on an offensive-minded coach. The fate of general manager Scott Fitterer remains uncertain, as Tepper contemplates potential changes in both coaching and management positions.

As the coaching carousel gains momentum, the NFL landscape is poised for significant transformations in the upcoming offseason.

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